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Sorenson Media
Next Generation Television Starts Here Sorenson Media’s mission is to take television into the future by bringing addressability, data, and interactivity – all previously only found in digital – to the scale and impact of broadcast television. We work with and empower all constituents of the new TV ecosystem TV Viewers All of our products are designed to help create a better viewing experience for TV viewers. CEMs TV Manufacturers We create new, sustainable revenue streams for TV manufacturers while incre...
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Chun Kang | LinkedIn
Chun Kang Product Development Director at Sorenson Media Most recently, engaged in data solutions that associated with metadata, big-data, analytics and recommendation. Actually these three components are the key components to build smart services which can encourage the end-user to consume more products on the target platform. Hands-on experience in 7M+ metadata and 4PBytes+ Big-Data which covers movies and TV shows, and TV channels and schedules for 70+ countries in real-time. In addition, sports data b...
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